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Evaluation of Fertilization Effect of Slow-Release Complex Fertilizer on Pepper Cultivation
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Fertilization Effect of Slow-Release Complex Fertilizer on Pepper Cultivation
Lee, Chang-Hoon; Lee, Hyub; Ha, Byung-Hyun; Kang, Chang-Sun; Lee, Yong-Bok; Kim, Pil-Joo;
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Slow-release fertilizers (SRF) have been used to reduce nutrient loss through increasing fertilizer efficiency and to save labor. Several SRFs were developed for rice plant in Korea, but there is few for horticultural crop plants. Two slow-release complex fertilizers, 100T and 150T, which made for controlling nitrogen release time up to 100 and 150 days, respectively, were selected for the incubation test cto evaluate nitrogen (N) release rate in soil. The N of urea selected as the control was completely released within a week after application. Sixty three and 53% of total N were released from 110T and 150T of slow release fertilizers within 8th weeks after application, respectively. For pepper cultivation CF110 and CF150, new slow-release complex fertilizer, were made of mixing 40% of conventional fertilizer and 60% of 110T and 150T, respectively, based on the amount of recommended fertilizer for pepper cultivation , and were totally applied before pepper transplanting in the field as the basal fertilizer. Inorganic N concentration in soil was higher in the CF110 treatment than in the control (NPK) at all period of pepper cultivation. In the CF150 treatment concentration of inorganic N in soil was low compared to control up to 8th weeks after transplanting. However, there was no difference in plant height and nutrient content of pepper leave between CF110 treatment and the control. In comparison, plant height was significantly lower in CF150 than the control and CF110 treatments. Around 4% of fresh pepper yield was increased in CF110 compared to the control, but it was decreased to about 2% by CF150 treatment. Conclusively, CF110 form could be recommended as a slow release fertilizer for pepper cultivation.
slow release fertilizer;pepper;complex fertilizer;
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