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Assessment of Pollutant Loads from Alpine Agricultural Practices in Nakdong River Basin
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 Title & Authors
Assessment of Pollutant Loads from Alpine Agricultural Practices in Nakdong River Basin
Joo, Jin-Ho; Yang, Jae-E.; Ok, Yong-Sik; Oh, Sang-Eun; Yoo, Kyung-Yeol; Yang, Su-Chan; Jung, Yeong-Sang;
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To assess pollutant loads in Nakdong river from highland agriculture in Kyungbuk province we. analyzed water qualities such as BOD, COD, T-N, T-P and SS in year 2005. BOD values in rainy period (June and July) were relatively higher than those in dry period, and those in 4 sites among 17 sites ranged from 10.71-19.25 mg/L which exceeded water criteria (8 mg/L) for agricultural use. COD values showed similar trends like BOD values. These trends might be caused by outflow of nutrients applied in agricultural lands. T-N content ranged from 0.1 to 14 mg/L. Those in lower reaches of stream were greater in those in upper stream. Compared to T-N contents during non-farming season, T-N content in farming season were higher. These phenomenon could be due to continuous input of nutrients from small watercourses. Averaged T-P content in lower stream during farming season was 0.4 mg/L, which was eight times higher than the limiting level for algae occurrence (0.05 mg/L). BOD, T-P, T-N loads from alpine agricultural practices were 12.25 , 0.55 and 32.35 , respectively. These values were greater than those from forestry. Therefore, Best management Practices (BMP) for alpine agricultural field are needed to reduce pollutant loads in Nakdong river.
Nakdong river;Alpine agriculture;Pollutant load;Land use;
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