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Analysis of Methoxyfenozide and Bentazone in Plant with HPLC by pH-Adjusted Liquid-liquid Partition Cleanup
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Methoxyfenozide and Bentazone in Plant with HPLC by pH-Adjusted Liquid-liquid Partition Cleanup
Lo, Seog-Cho; Hwang, Cheol-Hwan; Yoo, Ki-Yong; Han, Seong-Soo;
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This study was performed to enhance the cleanup efficiency of methoxyfenozide and bentazone by pH adjustment in the course of liquid-liquid partition and to develop an optimum analytical conditions using HPLC coupled with DAD for two matrices, brown rice and rice straw. Preparation procedure of brown rice sample was "extractioncoagulationliquid-liquid partition-florisil C.C", and this procedure was samely applied to two compounds. In rice straw, preparation procedure of methoxyfenozide sample was "extraction-alkalizationliquid-liquid extractioncoagulationflorisil C.C", and in the case of bentazone, "extractionalkalizationliquid-liquid partitionacidificationliquid-liquid extractionflorisil C.C". All these purified samples were redissolved in the mobile phases, acetonitile : 20 mM sodium acetate (75:25, v/v) for methoxyfenozide and acetonitrile : 75 mM sodium acetate, pH 6.0 (40:60, v/v) for bentazone. Recoveries of methoxyfenozide analysis in brown rice and rice straw were 83.5-97.4 and 86.4-97.3%, and detection limits were 0.02 and 0.04 mg/kg, respectively. Recoveries of bentazone in brown rice and rice straw were 86.8-101.9 and 88.3-94.5% and detection limits were 0.005 and 0.01 mg/kg, respectively. This methods seem to be usefully applied to the residue analysis of two compounds in the view of producing stable analytical condition and fair reproducibility.
methoxyfenozide;bentazone;residue analysis;pH;HPLC;
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HPLC-UVD/MS를 이용한 작물 중 methoxyfenozide, chromafenozide 및 tebufenozide의 분석법 확립,이수진;김영학;황영선;권찬혁;도정아;임무혁;이영득;정명근;

농약과학회지, 2010. vol.14. 1, pp.37-48
HPLC-UVD/MS를 이용한 농산물 중 bentazone의 분석법 확립,김영학;이수진;송이슬;황영선;이영득;정명근;

농약과학회지, 2011. vol.15. 2, pp.149-159
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