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Characteristics of Groundwater Quality for Agricultural Irrigation in Plastic Film House Using Multivariate Analysis
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics of Groundwater Quality for Agricultural Irrigation in Plastic Film House Using Multivariate Analysis
Kim, Jin-Ho; Choi, Chul-Mann; Lee, Jong-Sik; Yun, Sun-Gang; Lee, Jung-Taek; Cho, Kwang-Rae; Lim, Su-Jung; Choi, Seung-Chul; Lee, Gyeong-Ja; Kwon, Yeu-Seok; Kyung, Ki-Chon; Uhm, Mi-Jeong; Kim, Hee-Kwon; Lee, You-Seok; Kim, Chan-Yong; Lee, Seong-Tae; Ryu, Jong-Su;
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The main purpose of this study is to accumulate the fundamental data representing groundwater of plastic film houses by means of water quality and its multivariate statistical analysis. Groundwater samples were collected in every two years since 2000 to 2004 from total 211 sites. According to the result of water quality analysis, ground water quality was suitable for irrigation purpose averagely. Correlation analysis showed that EC was highest positively correlated with to 0.810(p<0.01), 0.776(p<0.01) in April and July, respectively. was highest positively correlated with T-N to 0.794(p<0.01) in October. This result shows that it can lead to a different result even in similar case sometimes. Four factors were extracted through factor analysis in April and July, but five factors were extracted in October. The proportions of cumulative variance by the factor were 64.9, 60.2, and 70.7 in April, July, and October, respectively. The first factor was highly related to anions and cations such as , and EC in contrast to that of stream water. According to the cluster analysis, 211 sites are classified into four groups. Common type of ground water quality was shown in group A. The pH and were highest in Group B. The anions and cations were highest in Group C. was highest in Group D.
Multivariate statistical analysis;Groundwater quality;Factor analysis;Irrigation water;
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