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Application of Adsorption Characteristic of Ferrous Iron Waste to Phosphate Removal from Municipal Wastewater
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 Title & Authors
Application of Adsorption Characteristic of Ferrous Iron Waste to Phosphate Removal from Municipal Wastewater
Kim, Jin-Hyung; Lim, Chae-Sung; Kim, Keum-Yong; Kim, Dae-Keun; Lee, Sang-Ill; Kim, Jong-Soo;
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This study proposed the method of phosphate recovery from municipal wastewater by using ferrous iron waste, generated from the mechanical process in the steel industry. In the analysis of XRD, ferrous iron waste was composed of (magnetite), practically with and . It had inverse spinel structure. In order to identify the adsorption characteristic of phosphate on ferrous iron waste, isotherm adsorption test was designed. Experimental results were well analyzed by Freundlich and Langmuir isotherm theories. Empirical constants of all isotherms applied increased with alkalinity in the samples, ranging from 1.2 to 235 . In the regeneration test, empirical constants of Langmuir isotherm, i.e., (maximum adsorption capacity) and b (energy of adsorption) decreased as the frequency of regeneration was increased. Experiment was further performed to evaluate the performance of the treatment scheme of chemical precipitation by ferrous iron waste followed by biological aerated filter (BAF). The overall removal efficiency in the system increased up to 80% and 90% for total phosphate (TP) and soluble phosphate (SP), respectively, and the corresponding effluent concentrations were detected below 2 mg/L and 1 mg/L for TP and SP, respectively. However, short-circuit problem was still unsolved operational consideration in this system. The practical concept applied in this study will give potential benefits in achieving environmentally sound wastewater treatment as well as environmentally compatible waste disposal in terms of closed substance cycle waste management.
Phosphate removal;Biological aerated filter;Municipal wastewater;Ferrous iron waste;Isothermal absorption;
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