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Chemical characteristics of Rainwater in Suwon
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 Title & Authors
Chemical characteristics of Rainwater in Suwon
Lee, Jong-Sik; Kim, Jin-Ho; Jung, Goo-Bok; Kim, Min-Kyeong; Yu, Sun-Gang; Kwon, Soon-Ik;
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To evaluate the acidity and chemical characteristics of rainwater in Korea, its pH and ion concentrations were investigated in Suwon from April to December, 2006. In addition, to estimate the contribution of ions on its acidity, ion composition and neutralization effect of major cations were investigated. Ion balance and electrical conductivity balance between measured and estimated values showed a high correlation. The mean pH and EC in rainwater collected during the investigation periods were 4.7 and , respectively. The monthly variation in EC showed a clear seasonal pattern, which had the lowest value of in July and increased remarkably in November. was the most abundant cation and followed by >>>>. Among them, and accounted for more than 65% of the total cations. In case of anions, the relative abundance was >>. About 67% of the total anions in rainwater was , which showed as mean value during the monitoring periods. Furthermore, 94% of the soluble sulfate in rainwater was identified as nss-(non-sea salt sulfate). We also found that and contributed greatly in neutralizing the rain acidity, especially in dry season.
Acidity;Ion;Chemical composition;Neutralization;Non-sea salt sulfate;
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선형, 쌍곡선과 Beta 함수를 이용한 상추의 주요 온도 비교,차미경;김춘식;지라파 어스틴;조영열;

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