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Low Molecular Weight Organic Acids in Brassica pekinensis Rupr. and Growing soil Influenced by Simulated Nitrate Deposition
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Low Molecular Weight Organic Acids in Brassica pekinensis Rupr. and Growing soil Influenced by Simulated Nitrate Deposition
Xie, Wen-Ming; Liu, Xing-Quan; Ko, Kwang-Yong; Lee, Kyu-Seung;
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We investigated whether carboxylate exudation of Brassica pekinensis Rupr. was affected by nitrate deposition from simulated acid rain. A gas chromatographic (GC) analysis was employed for the determination of low molecular weight organic acids (LOA) in rhizosphere soils, bulk soil, roots and leaves of Brassica pekinensis Rupr.. Rhizosphere soils were collected after 8 weeks of plant growth by first removing the bulk soil from the root system and then by mechanical move off the rhizosphere soil that adhered to the root surface with soft brush. Soil and plant materials were simultaneously extracted with the mixture of methanol and sulfuric acid (100:7, v/v). Seven organic acids, oxalic, malonic, fumaric, succinic, maleic, L-malic and citric acid were identified and quantified by GC equipped with FID. Oxalic, L-malic, and citric acids were found in both the bulk and rhizosphere soils, while most LOAs were not detected in the control treatment. On the contrary, except maleic acid, all other organic acids were detected in the leaves and roots of cabbages treated with nitrate deposition.
Brassica pekinensis Rupr.;rhizosphere;nitrate deposition root exudates;GC;low-molecular weight organic acid;
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강우기 후 신구 농업용 저수지 먹이망에 미치는 외부기원 유기물의 영향 - 안정동위원소비 활용 -,김민섭;이연정;안광국;김백호;황순진;신경훈;

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