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Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solution by Chestnut Shell
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 Title & Authors
Adsorption of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solution by Chestnut Shell
Lee, Hyeon-Yong; Hong, Ki-Chan; Lim, Jung-Eun; Joo, Jin-Ho; Yang, Jae-E; Ok, Yong-Sik;
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In Korea, large amounts of chestnut shell as by-products are produced from food industries. However, most of the by-products exist with no disposal options. Biosorption uses biomass that are either abundant or wastes from industrial operations to remove toxic metals from water. Objective of this research was to evaluate the feasibility of using chestnut shell as by-products for removal of metal ions(Pb, Cu and Cd) from aqueous solution. The chestnut shell was tested for its efficiency for metal removal by adopting batch-type adsorption experiments. The adsorption selectivity of chestnut shell for metals was Pb > Cu > Cd at solution pH 5.5. The Langmuir isotherm adequately described the adsorption of chestnut shell for each metal. Using The maximum adsorption capacity predicted using Langmuir equation was 31.25 mg 7.87 mg and 6.85 mg for Pb, Cu and Cd, respectively. Surface morphology, functional group and existence of metals on chestnut shell surface was confirmed by FT-IR, SEM and EDX analysis. The chestnut shell showed an outstanding removal capability for Pb compared to various adsorbents reported in the literatures. The overall results suggested that chestnut shell might can be used for biosorption of Pb from industrial wastewater.
Adsorption;Biosorption;Heavy metals;Biosorbent;Chestnut shell;
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