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Comparison of 14C-radioactivity in rice-paddy soil exposed to atmospheric and elevated CO2 conditions after 14C-carbaryl treatment
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of 14C-radioactivity in rice-paddy soil exposed to atmospheric and elevated CO2 conditions after 14C-carbaryl treatment
Kim, Han-Yong; Kim, Seon-Hwa; Kim, Hyang-Yeon; Kim, Seul-Ki; Kim, In-Seon;
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This study was performed to investigate if elevated affects the residue pattern of in the soil environment after -carbaryl treatment -carbaryl was applied on the rice plant-grown greenhouse soil exposed to atmospheric and elevated conditions. -radioactivity was measured in the rhizospheric soil and rice straw samples six months after -carbaryl application. Significantly high radioactivity was observed in the soil exposed to atmospheric as compared to that in the soil exposed to elevated C(h. Background level of radioactivity was observed in rice plant samples. These observations suggest the possibility that elevated may affect residual radioactivity of -carbaryl in the soil rather than that in the plant.
carbaryl;elevated ;global warming;pesticide;rice;
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