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Nitrogen Uptake by Chinese Cabbage and Soil Chemical Properties as Affected by Successive Application of Chicken Manure Compost
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Nitrogen Uptake by Chinese Cabbage and Soil Chemical Properties as Affected by Successive Application of Chicken Manure Compost
Yun, Hong-Bae; Park, Woo-Kyun; Lee, Sang-Min; Kim, Suk-Chul; Lee, Yong-Bok;
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Applying livestock manure compost to soil can enhance soil fertility and crop productivity. However, little information is available on the effect of continuous application of manure compost on crop growth in Korea. The object of this study was to investigate the residual and continuous application effect of chicken manure compost on chinese cabbage yield and soil chemical properties. The experiment was conducted in the pot () without bottom buried in the soil and set up in a completely randomized design with three replication. The treatment consists of chemical fertilizer with nitrogen (NPK, 320-78-198 kg/ha) and without nitrogen (PK, 0-78-198 kg/ha), and chicken manure compost at a rate corresponding to 320 (COM1) and 640 (COM2) kg N/ha. This experiment was carried out for three cropping seasons with chinese cabbage. Chemical fertilizer, NPK and PK, was applied every cropping season. In the first cropping season, compost was applied in nine pots (COM-A). In the second cropping season, compost was applied in the six pots of COM-A (COM-AA) and in three pots of COM-A compost was not applied (COM-AN). In next cropping season, compost was applied in the three pots of COM-AA (COM-AAA) and in the other three pots of COM-AA compost was not applied (COM-AAN). COM-AN pots remained without compost application in the third cropping season (COM-ANN). Yields of chinese cabbage of COM1-AAA and COM2-AAA were reached 78 and 96% as compared with NPK, and nitrogen utilization rate was about 85% (COM1-AAA) and 97% (COM2-AAA) as compared with NPK Residual N uptake rates during the second and third cropping season after compost application at the first cropping season were 49.7 (COM1-AN) and 35.6% (COM1-ANN) in COM1, and 56.9 (COM2-AN) and 37.4% (COM2-ANN) in COM2 compared with NPK treatment After three cropping seasons, soil pH and contents of available phosphorus, exchangeable potassium and soil organic matter were increased with continuous application of chicken manure compost.
Nitrogen uptake;Chicken manure compost;Soil chemical properties;
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