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Formation of Vegetation in an Inland Wetland, Minarimot, of Jeju Islands, and its Relationship to Water Environment
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 Title & Authors
Formation of Vegetation in an Inland Wetland, Minarimot, of Jeju Islands, and its Relationship to Water Environment
Kim, Myung-Hyun; Han, Min-Su; Bang, Hea-Son; Jung, Myung-Pyo; Na, Young-Eun;
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The aim of this study was to investigate the vegetation types of Minarimot, in Jeju Islands. The vegetation types were classified by the Z-M school method and cluster analysis. The vegetation in Minarimot was classified into 6 communities and 2 subcommunities: Persicaria thunbergii-Isachne globosa community (vegetation type: A), Scirpus tribangulatus-Eleocharis manillata var. cyclocarpa community (B) (Aneilema keisak subcommunity (B-1) and Caldesia parnassifolia-Potamogeton distinctus subcommunity (B-2)), Eleocharis kuroguwai community (C), Phragmites communis community (D), Scirpus tabernaemontani community(E) and Typha orientalis community (F). These communities were grouped into three main categories according to cluster analysis. The community (A) established at the edge of the wetland which has the driest condition was distinguished as Group I, while the community (B) emerged in the submerged zone was distinguished as Group III. The Group II was designated as the communities (C, D, E, F) between Group I and III, whose communities were occasionally submerged. The result of principal coordinate analysis (PCoA) appeared that the different vegetation established along the wetland were depending on water environment such as water depth and the period submerged.
Actual vegetation map;cluster analysis;Jeju Islands;Minarimot;wetland;
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꼬마잠자리 서식지의 식물상과 생활형,김명현;한민수;최철만;방혜선;정명표;나영은;강기경;

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