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Establishment of Analytical Method of Prochloraz in Cabbage, Apple, Mandarin, Pepper and Hulled rice with GC-ECD
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Establishment of Analytical Method of Prochloraz in Cabbage, Apple, Mandarin, Pepper and Hulled rice with GC-ECD
Lee, Eun-Mi; Lee, Hye-Ri; Riu, Myoung-Joo; Park, Hee-Won; Na, Ye-Rim; Song, Hyuk-Hwan; Keum, Young-Soo; Zhu, Youngzhe; Kim, Jeong-Han;
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Analytical method for prochloraz in cabbage, apple, pepper, mandarin, and hulled rice was established by conversion it to 2,4,6-trichlorophenol (TCP). Crop samples were extracted with acetonitrile, and partitioned with dichloromethane. The sample extracts were hydrolyzed with pyridine hydrochloride in a vial by heating for 1 hour, and analyzed with GC-ECD after partitioning with dichloromethane. Method quantification limit (MQL) of prochloraz was 0.01 mg/kg. Recoveries at 0.1 mg/kg level was 105-113% while at 0.5 mg/kg level was 82-87%. In both of the cases CV was less than 10%. Through this procedure soxhlet extraction and refluxing apparatus of conventional method were discarded and simple solvent extraction and small vial were successfully employed, resulting in simple, rapid, economic and more precise method.
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수입식품 중 국내 미등록 농약의 다성분 잔류분석법 적용,전영환;김효영;황정인;김지환;도정아;임무혁;오재호;권기성;이중근;이영득;김장억;

한국환경농학회지, 2011. vol.30. 3, pp.339-345 crossref(new window)
국내 미등록 유기인계 농약의 수입 농식품에 대한 다성분 잔류분석법,전영환;황정인;안지운;김효영;도정아;오재호;황인균;임무혁;이중근;이영득;김장억;

한국환경농학회지, 2012. vol.31. 3, pp.277-285 crossref(new window)
경기도내 유통 수입과실류의 잔류농약 실태조사,조윤식;강정복;김양희;정진아;허정원;이소현;임영식;배호정;강흥규;이정희;정은숙;이병훈;박용복;이정복;

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