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Response of Ussur Brown Katydid, Paratlanticus ussuriensis to Light-Emitting Diodes(LED)
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 Title & Authors
Response of Ussur Brown Katydid, Paratlanticus ussuriensis to Light-Emitting Diodes(LED)
Jung, Myung-Pyo; Bang, Hea-Son; Kim, Myung-Hyun; Han, Min-Su; Na, Young-Eun; Kang, Kee-Kyung; Lee, Deog-Bae;
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This study was conducted to determine the phototactic response of Paratlanticus ussuriensis to different wavelength of light by the use of LEDs and to provide a basic information for developing an improved trap with the longer trapping efficiency to control environment-friendly this katydid. P. ussuriensis were attracted to the single LED light source, especially, blue and white. For the multiple LED light sources, the movement of P. ussuriensis was not significantly different among LED-light bands. Overall, P. ussuriensis had a tendency to move to light source although they were not attracted to a specific wavelength of light. These methods may be used as information for conducting a phototactic response of other insects.
LED;Paratlanticus ussuriensis;Phototactic response;Trap;
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