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Effect of Nitrogen Fertigation by Soil Testing on the Growth and Yield of 'Campbell Early'(Vitis labrusca L.) Grapevine in Field Cultivation
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Effect of Nitrogen Fertigation by Soil Testing on the Growth and Yield of 'Campbell Early'(Vitis labrusca L.) Grapevine in Field Cultivation
Kang, Seok-Beom; Lee, In-Bog; Lim, Tae-Jun; Park, Jin-Myeon;
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Optimum nitrogen fertigation level by soil testing was determined on the growth and yield of eleven-year-old 'Campbell Early' (Vitis labrusca L.) grapevine in a sandy loam soil from 2005 to 2007. Fifty percent of the annual application of the nitrogen rate (195 kg/ha/yr) was top-dressed as basal fertilizer in all treatments, and the remainders were drip-irrigated with fertigation rate at 25 (12.5% of total N, N 1/4 level of the remainder), 50 (25% of total N, N 1/2 level), and 100 mg/L (50% of total N, N 1 level) in intervals of twice (2.1 mm/times) a week for 12 weeks, and the effect of N drip fertigation was compared to control which the N remainder was applied with surface application as an additional fertilizer. The results showed that chlorophyll content reading in SPAD value and N contents of leaves increased as nitrogen fertigation level increased. Also observed was the growth of the internode and stem diameter of shoots which were longest at N 1/2 level among the treatments conducted both in 2005 and 2006. It was also noted that yield of the fruit was different every year, where average yield for three years was recorded highest in N 1/4 level, and lowest in N 1 level compared to control(surface application). Soluble solid content and titratable acidity of fruit juice were also not significant during the treatments, the maturation of fruits tended to be retarded in N 1 level. The study proved that N 1/4 (N 25 mg/L) levels of fertigation based on soil testing was most efficient in obtaining optimum yield and also, fertigation of grapevine at open field condition reduces the use of nitrogen fertilizer.
Fertigation;Grapevine;Nitrogen;Soil testing;
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비가림과 시설 재배조건시 포도 중 Azoxystrobin과 Cyenopyrafen의 잔류 특성,이초롱;홍지형;임종성;이규승;

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노지 포도재배에서 칼륨관비 수준에 따른 과실의 수량 및 품질 변화,강석범;이인복;박진면;송양익;권헌중;

한국환경농학회지, 2011. vol.30. 2, pp.132-137 crossref(new window)
스프링클러 관개시 토양검정시비량에 의한 관비재배가 대추 유목의 생육과 토양 화학적 특성에 미치는 영향,이경자;강보구;김기식;

한국국제농업개발학회지, 2015. vol.27. 2, pp.226-230 crossref(new window)
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