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Effects of Foliar Spray of Calcium Hydroxide on Shoot Growth and Fruit Quality in 'Daewol' Peach (Prunus persica Batsch)
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Foliar Spray of Calcium Hydroxide on Shoot Growth and Fruit Quality in 'Daewol' Peach (Prunus persica Batsch)
Park, Ji-Young; Son, In-Chang; Kim, Dae-Il;
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The effects of foliar spray of calcium hydroxide () during fruit growth period was investigated by changes of the shoot growth and fruit quality in 'Daewol' peach (Prunus persica). Since foliar spray of 1, 2, 5, and 10 at 7 day-intervals after fruit thinning, shoot growth was remarkably decreased compared with control group. An average SPAD value of fifth leaf from proximal part of the shoot was higher as 42.1 specific color difference sensor value (SCDSV) of foliar spraying treatments than 40.9 SCDSV of control group. Photosynthesis rates were also significantly increased by treating of higher concentration. Among fruit characteristics affecting quality, fruit weight was increased depending on concentration of treatment. The soluble solids content was lowest in control group (8.78 ) compare with higher concentrations of foliar spraying treatment in each 9.17, 9.22, 9.71, 10.58 . The acidity and anthocyanin contents were no significant differences among treatment, but firmness of pericarp and flesh of fruits was significantly increased by foliar spray treatment. As a results of morphological observation of leaf, thickness of palisade parenchyma was thinner in control group (63.5 ) than those of each 86.5, 87.5, 93.6, 107.4 in foliar spraying treatment. Higher foliar spray also increased the thickness of cell wall of epidermis and hypodermis in 'Daewol' fruit.
Calcium hydroxide;Cell wall;Chlorophyll;Fruit quality;Shoot growth;
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