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Variation of Protein, Oil, Fatty Acid, and Sugar Contents in Black Soybean Cultivars According to Different Latitudes
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 Title & Authors
Variation of Protein, Oil, Fatty Acid, and Sugar Contents in Black Soybean Cultivars According to Different Latitudes
Hong, Seung-Beom; Lee, Su-Jin; Kim, Young-Hak; Hwang, Young-Sun; Yoon, Kwang-Hee; Lee, Sung-In; Nam, Mi-Young; Song, Lee-Seul; Baek, In-Youl; Kim, Hyeun-Kyeung; Choung, Myoung-Gun;
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This experiment was conducted to investigate the variation of crude protein, crude oil, fatty acid, and sugar contents in five Korean domestic black soybean cultivars grown at different latitudinal locations, a high latitude, Suwon (16'N) and a low latitude, Milyang (30'N). The crude protein content was highest in Geomjeongkong # 3 (43.9%) and crude oil content was highest in Geomjeongkong # 4 (21.8%) among the five cultivars. Crude protein and oil contents in black soybean cultivars except Geomjeongkong # 4 were not significantly different between high latitude and low latitude. In most black soybean cultivars grown at high latitude, oleic acid content was higher, while linoleic acid, and linolenic acid contents were lower compared to low latitude. Sucrose content in Geomjeongkong # 3, raffinose contents in Geomjeongkong # 3, # 4, Ilpumgeomjeongkong, and Cheongjakong, and stachyose content in Geomjeongkong # 1 grown at low latitude was higher compared to high latitude. The variations of crude protein, crude oil and fatty acid contents seemed to be affected by genotype than growing locations according to different latitude as they did not show the significant interaction between cultivars and locations. In contrast, the variations of glucose, sucrose, and stachyose contents maybe affected by environmental condition as different latitude than the genotype because they showed the significant interaction between cultivars and locations.
Black soybean;Fatty acid;Latitude;Oil;Protein;Sugar;
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