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Treatment Efficiency of Pollutants in Constructed Wetlands under Different Hydroponic Wastewater Injection Methods and Characteristic of Filter Media
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 Title & Authors
Treatment Efficiency of Pollutants in Constructed Wetlands under Different Hydroponic Wastewater Injection Methods and Characteristic of Filter Media
Seo, Dong-Cheol; Park, Jong-Hwan; Cheon, Yeong-Seok; Park, Seong-Kyu; Kim, Ah-Reum; Lee, Won-Gyu; Lee, Sang-Won; Lee, Seong-Tae; Cho, Ju-Sik; Heo, Jong-Soo;
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In order to improve T-N and T-P removal in HF (horizontal flow)-HF hybrid constructed wetlands by natural purification method for treating the hydroponic wastewater in greenhouses, the efficiency of water treatment as affected by the injection method of hydroponic wastewater, the addition of special filter media, the particle size of filter media, and the injection ratio of hydroponic wastewater in HF and HF beds were investigated in small-scale HF-HF hydroponic wastewater treatment apparatus. Removal rate of T-P in the water in HF-HF hydroponic wastewater treatment apparatus with calcite as affected by addition method of special filter media was higher than that in HF-HF hydroponic wastewater treatment apparatus with other filter media. Removal rate of BOD, COD, SS, T-N and T-P in the water in mixed filter media with calcite were 86, 84, 87, 50 and 97%, respectively. Removals of pollutants except for T-P in the water were slightly different. Therefore, it should be considered that the removal rate of T-P was good for calcite in HF-HF hydroponic wastewater treatment apparatus. To improve T-N and T-P removal, the optimum particle size of filter media was 1.2 mm, and the optimum injection ratio ( HF bed : HF bed) of hydroponic wastewater was 60:40.
Hydroponic wastewater;Greenhouses;Constructed wetlands;Horizontal flow;Calcite;Filter media;
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인공습지시스템을 이용한 폐양액처리장에서 오염물질의 정화효율 및 오염물질 분해속도,박종환;서동철;김아름;김성헌;이충헌;이성태;정태욱;이상원;하영래;조주식;허종수;

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