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Pathogenicity Screening of Entomopathogenic Fungus, Beauveria bassiana against Paratlanticus ussuriensis
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 Title & Authors
Pathogenicity Screening of Entomopathogenic Fungus, Beauveria bassiana against Paratlanticus ussuriensis
Bang, Hea-Son; Jung, Myung-Pyo; Kim, Myung-Hyun; Han, Min-Su; Kang, Kee-Kyung; Lee, Deog-Bae; Nam, Sung-Hee;
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Laboratory trial on the control effect of Beauveria bassiana against Paratlanticus ussuriensis was carried out with fungi collected from South Korea, China and Peru. All B. bassiana species from collected at each site had a strong fungicidal activity against P. ussuriensis. The Abbott's formula was the highest showing 100% mortality and the others also showed over 60% mortality. It took 3 to 6 days until katydid attained to death after inoculation with all B. bassiana treatments. From this trial, B. bassiana fungus was found to have some effects as pathogenicity of entomopathogenic activity against P. ussuriensis. So B. bassiana could be considered as one of the environment-friendly and effective pesticides for the control of P. ussuriensis.
Beauveria bassiana;Mortality;Paratlanticus ussuriensis;Pathogenicity;
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