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Comparison of Antioxidant activity and Amino Acid Components of Mungbean Cultivars Grown in Highland Area in Korea
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 Title & Authors
Comparison of Antioxidant activity and Amino Acid Components of Mungbean Cultivars Grown in Highland Area in Korea
Jin, Yong-Ik; Hong, Su-Young; Kim, Su-Jeong; Ok, Hyeon-Chung; Lee, Ye-Jin; Nam, Jeong-Hwan; Yoon, Young-Ho; Jeong, Jin-Cheo; Lee, Soon-Ae;
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This study was performed to investigate differences of antioxidant activity, the content of free amino acids including GABA(gama-amino butyric acid) among mungbean cultivars grown in Highland area (Jinbu) and to compare those between seeds and sprouts. In DPPH (diphenyl picrydrazyl) radical scavenging activity, 'Jangan' mungbean activity was more higher than that of other cultivars. The content of total phenolic compounds of mungbean ranged from 1,186 to in seed and 2,321 to in sprout. Among amino acids of seeds, the content of glutamic acid was highest in 'Soseon' mungbean, and contents of almost amino acids increased during sprouting of seeds. The content of GABA that are known as a material having high functional effects on human body was also analyzed. When the relatively high content of GABA was observed in seeds of almost mungbean grown in highland, and their contents rapidly increased after sprouting from seeds. As a result of this experiment, it is expected that mungbean will be developed to a good alternative crop having high value as functional food materials in highland area of Korea.
Amino acid;GABA;Highland;Mungbean;
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