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Effect of Potassium Fertigation Level on Growth and Yield of 'Campbell Early' Grapevine (Vitis labrusca L.) in Open Field
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Potassium Fertigation Level on Growth and Yield of 'Campbell Early' Grapevine (Vitis labrusca L.) in Open Field
Kang, Seok-Beom; Lee, In-Bog; Park, Jin-Myeon; Song, Yang-Ik; Kweon, Hun-Joong;
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BACKGROUND: This experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of potassium fertigation on the growth and yield of fourteen years-old 'Campbell Early' grapevine (Vitis labrusca L.) on a sandy loam soil. METHODS AND RESULTS: Potassium application (125 kg/ha/yr) was top-dressed as 30% of annual potassium application in all treatments and the remainders were drip-irrigated with 0 (0% of total K, K0 level of the remainder), 25 (17.5% of total K, K1/4 level of the remainder), 50 (35% of total K, K1/2 level), and 100mg/L (70% of total K, K1 level) in the intervals of 2 times a week for 12 weeks and the effect of K drip fertigation was compared to control treatment in which the K remainder was applied with surface application as additional fertilizer. The growth of stem diameter, leaf number and shoot length were highest in K1/2 (50 mg/L K), but K of mineral contents was lowest in K0. Yield of grapevine was no difference in 2008, but significantly higher K1/2 than other treatments in 2009. However, fruit quality (color degree, brix, acid contents) was no difference among the treatment. CONCLUSION(s): From the results, It is expected that K1/2 levels of fertigation based on soil testing could be more efficient to get optimum yield and save potassium fertilizer than control (surface application) treatments when grapevine was drip-irrigated at open field condition.
Fertigation;Grapevine;Potassium;Soil testing;
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스프링클러 관개시 토양검정시비량에 의한 관비재배가 대추 유목의 생육과 토양 화학적 특성에 미치는 영향,이경자;강보구;김기식;

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