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Aphicidal Activity of Starfish (Asterina pectinifera) Extracts against Green Peach Aphid (Myzus Persicae)
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 Title & Authors
Aphicidal Activity of Starfish (Asterina pectinifera) Extracts against Green Peach Aphid (Myzus Persicae)
Jang, Ja-Yeong; Yi, Sol; Jung, Iee-Young; Choi, Eun-Hyun; Jo, Uk-Hee; Seo, Jung-Mi; Yang, Si-Young; Kim, In-Seon;
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BACKGROUND: Starfish is one of major sea invertebrates that have become a serious economic threat to aquacultural farms in Korea. Much effort has sacrificed to reduce the economic losses of the farms by predatory starfish, including developing and searching biological resources for medicinal and agricultural purposes. In the present study, we investigated aphicidal activity of the extracts from the starfish Asterina pectinifera against green peach aphid. METHODS AND RESULTS: Fresh starfishes were cut into small pieces, homogenized and soaked in methanol. The methanol extracts were centrifuged and the resulting supernatant was subjected to aphicidal activity assays and a series of silica gel column chromatography. More than 70% mortality of aphids were observed by the extracts at a concentration of 1,000 mg/L, exhibiting dose-dependent mortality. TOF-MS analyses detected polyhydroxysteroid as a main aphicidal compound from the starfish extracts. Transmission electronic microscopy could demonstrate that the extracts with polyhydroxysteroid caused aphids death by affecting their epicuticular membrane. CONCLUSION(s): This is the first report of aphicidal activity of the starfish Asterina pectinifera extracts against green peach aphid. Starfish biological resources may be used as a potential candidate for developing a new type natural insecticide.
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흰색 겹꽃 다화성 절화용 프리지아 '샤이니벨' 육성,최윤정;정향영;구대회;강윤임;조해룡;

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