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Application of Multiresidue Analysis Method of Unregistered Pesticides in Korea for Imported Food
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 Title & Authors
Application of Multiresidue Analysis Method of Unregistered Pesticides in Korea for Imported Food
Jeon, Young-Hwan; Kim, Hyo-Young; Hwang, Jeong-In; Kim, Ji-Hwan; Do, Jung-Ah; Im, Moo-Hyeog; Oh, Jae-Ho; Kwon, Ki-Sung; Lee, Joong-Keun; Lee, Young-Deuk; Kim, Jang-Eok;
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BACKGROUND: Recently in Korea, the import of agricultural products is rising due to the increasing amount of trade. Unregistered pesticides, allidochlor, propachlor, propham, cycloate, diallate and pebulate are widely used as pesticides for rice cultivation in foreign countries, while they are not registered in Korea. Therefore, the residue amount of imported agri-foods should be verified using the proper official analytical method for each of them that has not registered in Korea. METHODS AND RESULTS: This work was conducted to apply the official method of Korea Food & Drug Administration (KFDA) for determining multi class pesticide multiresidues in agricultural commodities. Brown rice and orange which have different characteristics as a matrix were selected as representative samples for residue analysis. The recoveries of cycloate, diallate and pebulate by GC/MS in fortified brown rice and orange with levels of 0.04~0.4 mg/kg were ranged from 82.8% to 110.3%. The quantification limits of three pesticides in brown rice and orange were 0.04 mg/kg. CONCLUSION: As a result, this method can surely be used as an official method for routine analysis of unregistered pesticides in Korea for imported agri-food.
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국내 미등록 유기인계 농약의 수입 농식품에 대한 다성분 잔류분석법,전영환;황정인;안지운;김효영;도정아;오재호;황인균;임무혁;이중근;이영득;김장억;

한국환경농학회지, 2012. vol.31. 3, pp.277-285 crossref(new window)
수입 Valencia 오렌지의 크기와 품질특성의 상관성,조덕조;유승열;박주현;까오야핑;김슬기;이제영;권은진;권중호;

한국식품저장유통학회지, 2014. vol.21. 3, pp.365-372 crossref(new window)
가스 크로마토그래피를 이용한 수입농산물 중 국내 미등록 농약의 다성분 동시분석법 적용,이지원;강정균;권혜영;노진호;진용덕;이제봉;홍수명;김택겸;조남준;

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