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Effects of Various Wavelength on the Hardness and the Free Amino Acid Contents of Soybean Sprouts
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Various Wavelength on the Hardness and the Free Amino Acid Contents of Soybean Sprouts
Cha, Mi-Jeong; Park, Eui-Ho; Kang, Sun-Chul; Baek, Kwang-Hyun;
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BACKGROUND: Effect of various light wavelength and plant defense molecules were evaluated on the hardness and the contents of free amino acid including -aminobutyric acid (GABA) in soybean sprouts. METHODS AND RESULTS: Germinating soybean seeds were treated with various single wavelength of light (380, 440, 470, and 660 nm) or without light at for six days. Soybean seeds were also treated with stress-signaling molecule ethephon or at the same time. Soybean sprouts treated with 470 nm substantially raised the hardness almost two times than the control. The free amino acid contents were higher in 470 nm and treated soybean seeds than the control. Nutritionally beneficial GABA contents were increased by the treatments of 470 nm, 440 nm, ethephon, and . CONCLUSION: These results suggest that the hardness and the contents of amino acids can be regulated by stimuli, which stimuli could be composed of various wavelength and plant defense molecules. Especially, single wavelength 470 nm illumination has the effect of increasing GABA contents with increased hardness.
Free amino acids;Light emitting diodes (LED);-Aminobutyric acid (GABA);Soybean sprouts;Wavelength;
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