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Monitoring of Heavy Metals in Agricultural Soils from Consecutive Applications of Commercial Liquid Pig Manure
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 Title & Authors
Monitoring of Heavy Metals in Agricultural Soils from Consecutive Applications of Commercial Liquid Pig Manure
Go, Woo-Ri; Kim, Ji-Young; Yoo, Ji-Hyock; Lee, Ji-Ho; Kunhikrishnan, Anitha; Lee, Jeong-Mi; Kim, Kye-Hoon; Kim, Doo-Ho; Kim, Won-Il;
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BACKGROUND: Increase of heavy metals in agricultural ecosystem has become a social issue nationwide as it is related to public health. This study was performed to find out the status and long-term trends with consecutive application with the commercial liquid pig manure in the agricultural fields. METHODS AND RESULTS: Heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc were analyzed in the 41 samples of paddy fields and 54 samples of upland fields consecutively applied with commercial liquid pig manure for 0 to 16 years. Heavy metal accumulation were not increased statistically at the both paddy and upland fields as the consecutive application year of commercial liquid pig manure were increased. However, some of surveyed upland soils exceeded the criteria of cadmium, copper, and zinc designated by the Soil Environmental Conservation Act in Korea. CONCLUSION: Therefore, analysis of heavy metals, specially copper and zinc, in agricultural fields is absolutely necessary before liquid pig manure application to the fields. In addition, heavy metal accumulation in agricultural fields following to the long-term application of liquid pig manure will be monitored periodically considering with bioavailability of copper and zinc to the crops as an essential nutrients.
Agricultural soil;Heavy metals;Liquid pig manure;Soil pollution criteria;
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