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Multiresidue Analysis Method for Determination of Unregistered Organophosphorus Pesticides in Korea for Imported Agri-Food
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 Title & Authors
Multiresidue Analysis Method for Determination of Unregistered Organophosphorus Pesticides in Korea for Imported Agri-Food
Jeon, Young-Hwan; Hwang, Jeong-In; Ahn, Ji-Woon; Kim, Hyo-Young; Do, Jung-Ah; Oh, Jae-Ho; Hwang, In-Gyun; Im, Moo-Hyeog; Lee, Joong-Keun; Lee, Young-Deuk; Kim, Jang-Eok;
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BACKGROUND: For safety evaluation of imported agri-food in Korea, the multiresidue analysis method was establised for unregistered organophosphorus pesticides, aspon, chlorthion, chlorthiophos, crotoxyphos, demeton-O, demeton-S, demeton-S-methyl, dioxathion, heptenophos, iodofenphos, leptophos, methyl-trithion, propetamphos and sulfotep. METHODS AND RESULTS: The used method for multiresidue analysis in brown rice and orange used as representative samples of imported agri-food was the official method of Korean Food and Drug Administration. The results of validation test of 13 organophosphorus pesticides except crotoxyphos for multiresidue analysis method are compared to the criteria such as specificity, linearity, accuracy, precision and limit of quantification. CONCLUSION: The used method for multiresidue analysis of unregistered 13 organophosphorus pesticides except crotoxyphos in Korea can surely be used as an official method for routine analysis of imported agri-food.
Imported agri-food;Multiresidue analysis;Unregistered organophosphorus pesticides;Validation test;
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콩고민주공화국의 킨샤사 사질 밭에서 벼 농림나1호의 생육특성,강위금;이성희;한준호;구총림;이상호;유소라;양창인;김민태;류진희;김현순;

한국국제농업개발학회지, 2014. vol.26. 4, pp.365-371 crossref(new window)
가스 크로마토그래피를 이용한 수입농산물 중 국내 미등록 농약의 다성분 동시분석법 적용,이지원;강정균;권혜영;노진호;진용덕;이제봉;홍수명;김택겸;조남준;

농약과학회지, 2015. vol.19. 3, pp.161-173 crossref(new window)
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