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Effect of RED and FAR-RED LEDs on the Fruit Quality of 'Hongro'/M.26 Apple
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 Title & Authors
Effect of RED and FAR-RED LEDs on the Fruit Quality of 'Hongro'/M.26 Apple
Kang, Seok-Beom; Song, Yang-Yik; Park, Moo-Yong; Kweon, Hun-Joong;
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BACKGROUND: As improved LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) industry and decreased the price of LEDs in Korea, some farmers try to using the RED LEDs in green house and open field to increase the production of crop under bad weather condition. The aim of this study is to find out the effect of RED and FAR-RED LEDs lighting on the fruit quality of twelve-year old 'Hongro'/M.26 apple during night after sunset. METHODS AND RESULTS: FAR-RED (730nm, 2 and 4 hour) and RED (620nm, 2 and 4 hour) with 20 LED/PCB were treated in orchard for 16 weeks from June 10 to October 10 in 2009 and 2010 with control as an comparison. In our experiments, leaf weight was significantly higher in RED LEDs than control, tended to be decreased as times of FAR-RED lighting increased. Fruit weight was increased more in RED LEDs than control in 2009 and 2010, but decreased in FAR-RED lighting compared to control in 2010. Firmness and Hunter's a value of fruit were increased in FAR-RED lighting with 2 and 4 h than control. Soluble solid contents were higher in 2 h RED and 2, 4 h FAR-RED LEDs compared to control in 2009, there was no significant difference in 2010. Acid contents were no difference among the treatments. CONCLUSION(S): In our results, we found that RED LEDs was more helpful to increase the fruit weight and FAR-RED LEDs promote to be higher hunter a value of fruit skin. So, we thought that it is necessary to more study if mixed of RED and FAR-RED lighting is more helpful to promote fruit quality of 'Hongro' apple than single lighting of RED or FAR-RED LEDs respectively.
Fruit quality;Hongro;LEDs;
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