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Tree Response of 'Fuyu' Persimmon to Different Degrees of Cold Damage on the Buds at Budburst
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 Title & Authors
Tree Response of 'Fuyu' Persimmon to Different Degrees of Cold Damage on the Buds at Budburst
Choi, Seong-Tae; Park, Doo-Sang; Son, Ji-Young; Park, Yeo-Ok; Hong, Kwang-Pyo; Rho, Chi-Woong;
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BACKGROUND: The buds of persimmon trees are susceptible to cold damage, often with the late frost, at the time of budburst. This study was conducted to determine effect of the cold damage on shoot and fruit growth the current season. METHODS AND RESULTS: 'Fuyu' trees, grown in 50-L pots, were placed for 1 h at , , or within a cold storage, at their budburst on April 5. Some trees under ambient temperature at served as the control. Cold damage of the buds containing flower buds was 54% at , and significantly increased to 95% at . The bud damage included the complete death of all, complete death of main buds only, or the late and deformed shoot growth in the spring. Number of flower buds in early May dramatically decreased as the damage ratio increased. Since the thinning of flower buds in mid-May and fruitlets in early July was done in no or slightly damaged trees, the final number of fruits and yield did not decrease compared with the control when the damage increased by 60% and 70%, respectively. Average fruit weight and skin coloration tended to be better with increasing bud damage. Shoot growth was more vigorous in those trees whose buds were severely damaged by low temperature. CONCLUSION(S): Shoot growth and the yield may depend on the number of flower buds and percent fruit set after the cold damage.
Frost damage;Fruit characteristic;Fruit set;Low temperature;Shoot growth;
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