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Evaluation of Scab Resistance and Effect of Photosynthetic Rates on Fruit Characteristics among Elite Pear Seedlings
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Scab Resistance and Effect of Photosynthetic Rates on Fruit Characteristics among Elite Pear Seedlings
Won, Kyung-Ho; Kang, Sam-Seok; Kim, Yoon-Kyeong; Sherzod, Rajametov; Lim, Kyeong-Ho; Lee, Han-Chan;
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BACKGROUND: The scab, which is caused by Venturia nashicola, gives serious damages to pear trees. 'Niitaka' accounts for 82% of areas in pear cultivation. However 'Niitaka' is a scab susceptible cultivar. So, most of Korean farmers who growing pear trees have suffered by economic losses with the scab. In this research, we evaluated the scab resistance among elite pear seedlings to clarify genetics about the scab resistance. And we analyzed photosynthetic features with these seedlings to develop suitable cultivar which is advantageous for producing quality fruits during the growth and development of plants. METHODS AND RESULTS: We measured the rates of scab incidence among seedlings in a field experiment condition and an in-vitro test. An in-vitro test has been done with field experiment-based results. We made plant materials by grafting branches of each seedlings with 'Kongbae' rootstocks. And they had been grown for one month. Then, scab conidia suspension is sprayed to seedlings and sustained for 40 days under the controlled environment. As the results, 6 seedlings displayed lower incidence rates than other seedlings and 'Niitaka'. We also measured instant photosynthetic rates of each seedlings to determine the correlation between photosynthetic rates and fruit characteristics. However, it seemed that there is no correlation between them. CONCLUSION(S): Among the seedlings, 6 seedlings displayed the higher resistance to scab than other seedlings and 'Niitaka'. This characteristics is considered to be come from the gene expression of European pear. And we found that photosynthetic rate in trees rarely does not influence the fruit characteristics. It is considered to be affected by cultivar's own characteristics.
Interspecific hybrid;Photosynthesis;Scab;Wongyo Na-55;
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콩과 사료작물의 혼파와 우분의 시용이 호밀의 생산성, 사료가치 및 단위면적당 유기한우 사육능력에 미치는 영향,오명곤;조익환;황보순;

한국유기농업학회지, 2014. vol.22. 3, pp.457-468 crossref(new window)
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