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Enhancement of Analytical Method for Thidiazuron Residues and Monitoring of its Residues in Agricultural Commodities
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 Title & Authors
Enhancement of Analytical Method for Thidiazuron Residues and Monitoring of its Residues in Agricultural Commodities
Do, Jung-Ah; Lee, Mi-Young; Park, Hyejin; Kwon, Ji-Eun; Cho, Yoon-Jae; Chang, Moon-Ik; Oh, Jae-Ho; Hong, Jin-Hwan;
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BACKGROUND: This study was conducted to develop analytical method with reproducibility, accuracy and applicability to agricultural products than the existing methods. METHODS AND RESULTS: Mean recoveries of thidiazuron ranged from 89.2 to 91.2 in hulled rices, 87.2 to 92.1 in peppers, from 76.4 to 86.9 in potatoes, from 91.2 to 95.7 in watermelons, from 86.5 to 88.5 in kiwi fruits, and from 89.5 to 94.0 in grapes, with less than 10% of relative standard deviations. In addition, the limit of quantitation was set to be 0.05 mg/kg and there were no interfering peaks in integrating the thidiazuron peak. CONCLUSION(S): These results represent that the enhanced analytical method has reliable accuracy, precision, selectivity, and sensitivity.
Agricultural commodity;Analytical method;Monitoring;Pesticide;Thidiazuron;
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