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Fruit Characteristics Based on Leaf to Fruit Ratio in 'Pione' Grapevine (Vitis vinifera × V. labrusca) during Cultivation with Heating
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 Title & Authors
Fruit Characteristics Based on Leaf to Fruit Ratio in 'Pione' Grapevine (Vitis vinifera × V. labrusca) during Cultivation with Heating
Yun, Seok Kyu; Park, Seo Jun; Jung, Sung Min; Kim, Jung Bae; Yoon, Ik Koo; Nam, Eun Young; Yu, Duk Jun; Lee, Hee Jae;
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BACKGROUND: Defoliation in grapevine cultivation is practically used to improve light environment within the canopy and thereby fruit quality. Effects of defoliation in five-year-old 'Pione' grapevine during cultivation with heating were investigated to find out optimum ratio of leaf area to fruit cluster weight (L/F). METHODS AND RESULTS: The grapevines were defoliated with berry-thinning 20 days after full bloom to provide various levels of L/F. At harvest, total leaf area values of fruit bearing branches were between 0.23 and . With increasing L/F, soluble solids and anthocyanin contents curvilinearly increased (). At L/F over , soluble solids content (SSC) leveled off. With increasing L/F, titratable acidity (TA) linearly decreased (), but the ratio of SSC to TA linearly increased (). Anthocyanin content was significantly correlated with SSC and the ratio of SSC to TA ( and , respectively). When total leaf area per fruit bearing branch was maintained , soluble solids and anthocyanin contents linearly decreased ( and , respectively), but TA linearly increased with increasing fruit cluster weight (). Fruit was low in quality when the L/F was below . CONCLUSION: L/F is recommended to be maintained at least in 'Pione' grapevine during cultivation with heating to produce higher-quality fruits.
Anthocyanin content;Cultivation with heating;Grapevine;Leaf to fruit ratio;
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