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Distribution Correlation between Heavy Metals Contaminants and PAHs Concentrations of Soils in the Vicinity of Abandoned Mines
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 Title & Authors
Distribution Correlation between Heavy Metals Contaminants and PAHs Concentrations of Soils in the Vicinity of Abandoned Mines
Ki, Seong-Kan; Park, Ha-Seung; Jo, Rae-Hyeon; Choi, Kyoung-Kyoon; Yang, Hyun; Park, Jeong-Hun;
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BACKGROUND: Heavy metals contamination of soils in the vicinity of abandoned mines in South Korea has been investigated. However, PAHs contamination rarely has been studied. Both heavy metals and PAHs concentrations have been measured in this study. METHODS AND RESULTS: The samples of soil and sediment were collected from the vicinities of three abandoned coal mines and two abandoned metal mines for analysis of heavy metals contaminants and PAHs concentration from April to September 2012. After preparation of these samples following the Korean standard test method for soils, the concentrations of heavy metals contaminants and PAHs were measured using ICP-OES and GC-MS, respectively. It was observed that the concentration of Arsenic was above the concern level based on 'area 1' suggested by Korean soil conservation law, resulting that Arsenic is the main contaminant in these areas. Also Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn were observed as a partial contaminants. The concentrations of other investigated components including benzo(a)pyrene were less than the concern level. CONCLUSION: The correlation observed between Arsenic (as main contaminant) and PAHs concentrations suggested that the contaminant source and pathway are different for each other. The effect of mine activity on PAHs concentration was rarely observed.
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복수광산 주변 중금속 오염 토양의 분광학적 특성,신지혜;유재형;정용식;김세영;고상모;박계순;

한국광물학회지, 2016. vol.29. 3, pp.89-101 crossref(new window)
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