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Nitrogen Dynamics in the Soils Incorporated with Single and Mixture Application of Hairy vetch and Barley
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Nitrogen Dynamics in the Soils Incorporated with Single and Mixture Application of Hairy vetch and Barley
Lim, Woo Sup; Lee, Hyun Ho; Hong, Chang Oh;
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BACKGROUND: The utilization of green manures as alternatives to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers is considered a good agricultural practice. Effect of incorporation of green manure to soil on change of inorganic nitrogen (N) is well literatured. However, there have been few studies on examining entire dynamic of N including inorganic N and N gases in soil incorporated with green manure. The objective of this study was to examine the changes of inorganic N and N gases with single and mixture applications of hairy vetch and barley in the soil. METHODS AND RESULTS: Hairy vetch(H) and barley (B) were applied at the mixture ratio of B:H=0:0, B:H=100:0, B:H=0:100, and B:H=50:50 in soil. The soil-green manure mixtures were incubated in the dark at for 17 weeks under aerobic conditions. Cumulative emission of and from soils amended with mixture of barley and hairy vetch(B:H=50:50) were less than those from amended with mono hairy vetch(B:H=0:100). Incorporation of single hairy vetch or mixture of barley and hair vetch application could significantly increased concentration of plant available N () in early stage of plant growth and plant available N () in later stage. However, high concentration of in soil could cause adverse environmental impact through leaching from soil. CONCLUSION: Conclusively, it might be a good soil management practice to incorporate mixture of barely and hairy vetch in the view point of increase in plant available N concentration and decrease in N losses through volatilization, denitrification, and leaching.
Barley;Hairy vetch;Incorporation;Nitrogen dynamic;
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크로탈라리아의 토양환원이 토양의 무기태 질소농도 및 딸기의 생육에 미치는 영향,임태준;박진면;이성은;박영은;김기인;

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농경지에서 유기물 시용에 의한 질소 공급 효과,이예진;윤홍배;송요성;이창훈;성좌경;하상건;

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