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Effect of Chloride-deicers on Growth of Wheat, Barley and Spinach
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Chloride-deicers on Growth of Wheat, Barley and Spinach
Kim, Soon-Il; Lee, Dae-Weon;
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BACKGROUND: Deicers such as calcium chloride () and sodium chloride (NaCl) in Korea have been commonly used to reduce traffic accidents as well as injuries. However there have been adverse effects of deciders such as pollution of water and soil, and reduced productivity of agriculture as well as forest. This study aimed to investigate biological effects of the deicers against wheat, barley, and spinach. METHODS AND RESULTS: The germination of tested crop seeds exposed to chloride-deicers, and NaCl was significantly reduced at over 3% concentration of chloride-deicers compared to the control. In spraying deicers to the seedlings of the crops, there was no symptom such as inhibition of growth rate or leaf elongation. However the germination of tested crop seeds was affected at 2% concentration of deicers when they were exposed continuously to deicers in soils. The growth of the shoot against and NaCl treatments was very similar in wheat and barley whereas the shoot of spinach was the most susceptible. Based on these results, the sensitivity of the crops to the tested deicers was as follows: NaCl > > mixture ( + NaCl). The length of shoots and roots of the seedlings grown in 1% treated soil was decreased. The biomass of all the seedlings decreased 1.5 to 4 times at 1%. CONCLUSION: These results indicate that the effects of salt deicers by inputting into soil against growing tested crops are more severe in germination and growth inhibition as well as biomass decrease.
Biomass;Deicers;Germination;Winter crops;
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겨울철 제설제(CaCl2)농도처리에 따른 맥문동과 수호초의 내염성 평가,주진희;;박지연;최은영;윤용한;

한국환경생태학회지, 2016. vol.30. 4, pp.651-657 crossref(new window)
대체제설제인 EFD-1과 PC-10의 밀, 보리, 시금치 생육에 미치는 영향,이대원;

한국환경농학회지, 2015. vol.34. 1, pp.30-37 crossref(new window)
Effect of EFD-1 and PC-10 deicers on Growth of Wheat, Barley and Spinach, Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture, 2015, 34, 1, 30  crossref(new windwow)
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