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Quantitative Analysis of Rotenone and Deguelin in Biopesticides Containing Derris Extract by Ultra performance Liquid Chromatography
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 Title & Authors
Quantitative Analysis of Rotenone and Deguelin in Biopesticides Containing Derris Extract by Ultra performance Liquid Chromatography
Lim, Sung-Jin; Kim, Jin-Hyo; Choi, Geun-Hyoung; Park, Byung-Jun;
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BACKGROUND: Three commercial biopesticides containing derris extract, which is permitted as a commercial biopesticide substances by the Environmentally-friendly Agriculture Promotion Act, have been marketed in Korea. But, the quantitative analytical method of active substances for crop protection in biopesticides containing derris extract has not known. METHODS AND RESULTS: Solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridge clean-up method for the quantitative analysis of rotenone and deguelin in biopesticides containing derris extract was developed and validated by ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC). The clean-up method was established using hydrophilic lipophilic balance (HLB) SPE cartridges for the bioactive substances in biopesticides containing derris extract, and the eluate was analyzed to quantify the rotenone and deguelin by the UPLC. LOQ and recovery rates of rotenone and deguelin were 0.085 and 0.044 mg/L, 95.7 and 93.3%, respectively. The content of rotenone and deguelin in three biopesticides containing derris extract were analyzed by the developed method, the results showed 0.001-0.236 and
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계피 또는 데리스 추출물을 주원료로 하는 유기농업자재의 약효 성분 안정성,최근형;진초롱;박병준;임성진;노진호;문병철;공승헌;김진효;

농약과학회지, 2016. vol.20. 3, pp.197-202 crossref(new window)
유기농업자재 고삼, 님 및 데리스 추출물의 물벼룩에 대한 독성과 위해성 평가,박경훈;오진아;백민경;손미연;임정택;한상균;

농약과학회지, 2017. vol.21. 2, pp.107-113 crossref(new window)
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