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Stratigraphic Implication of the Daljeon Basalt in the Miocene Pohang Basin, SE Korea
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 Title & Authors
Stratigraphic Implication of the Daljeon Basalt in the Miocene Pohang Basin, SE Korea
Song, Cheol Woo; Kim, Hyeonjeong; Kim, Jong-Sun; Kim, Min-Cheol; Son, Moon;
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Although the Daljeon Basalt in the Pohang Basin is important for interpreting the basin evolution, its relative chronology, stratigraphic position, and isotopic age still remain controversial. In order to clear up the controversies, this study carried out detailed field investigation to determine its distribution and occurrence together with reanalysis of its previous geochemical data and age dating. Based upon the field investigation, the basalt occurring in the central part of the Pohang basin is composed of three main bodies and a dozen of minor dikes and sills that intruded into the Yeonil Group. Their mineral assemblages consist of phenocrysts such as olivine and clinopyroxene and fine groundmasses of clinopyroxene, plagioclase, olivine, and opaque oxide, impling the porphyritic texture of alkaline basalt. All their geochemical data also show the similar geochemical characteristics in TAS, Zr-Ti, and REE/trace elements distribution diagrams. The samples are plotted on alkalic field in the total alkali-versus-silica diagram and show similar patterns to enrichment oceanic basalt or within plate basalt in trace elements. In addition, isochron age of 13.82Ma is obtained. These results indicate that the Daljeon Basalt is an alkaline intrusive rock belonging to the middle Miocene Yeonil Group.
Daljeon Basalt;Pohang Basin; age dating;alkaline basalt;intrusive rock;
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