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Physical Properties of Pumice from Mt. Baekdu Volcano
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 Title & Authors
Physical Properties of Pumice from Mt. Baekdu Volcano
Yun, Sung-Hyo;
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Pumices from the summit area of the Mt. Baekdu was analysed with respect to the physical characteristics. Fallout pumice deposits around the somma of the Cheonji caldera, Mt. Baekdu consist mainly of white pumices, but black pumices and gray pumices are also displayed together. White pumices are mainly rhyolitic( 71.1%) and black pumices are trachytic( 64.8%) in composition, and gray pumices are intermediate composition( 68.0%) between white pumices and black pumices. Average density of felsic magma formed the Mt. Baekdu pumices is in anhydrous magma and in hydrous magma, respectively. We determined the density and calculated the vesicularity of three different coloured pumices, which collected in the vicinity of the Waho-bong(2,566 m) and Gwanmyeonbong(2,526 m) of southern somma of the Cheonji caldera, Mt. Baekdu. Average density of the yellow pumices was measured as , black pumices as , and gray t0 white pumices as . Average density regardless of the colour of pumices was nearly constant at . Vesicularity of pumices is calculated to be 67.8~69.4% and these pumices can be classified as a highly vesicular according to classification of vesiculation characteristics.
Mt. Baekdu;pumice;major element composition;density;vesicularity;
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