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Petrological Study on the Volcanic Rocks in Namoo and Namhyeongje Island, Off the Southern Coast of Busan City, Korea
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 Title & Authors
Petrological Study on the Volcanic Rocks in Namoo and Namhyeongje Island, Off the Southern Coast of Busan City, Korea
Yun, Sung-Hyo;
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This study reports the results about the petrography of volcanic rocks in Namoo island and Namhyeongje island, off the southern coast of Busan City. The rocks in the Namhyeongje island composed of dacitic crystal-vitric welded tuff, showing phenocrysts of plagioclase, rock fragment with flow structure of elongated and flattened pumice fragments. In thin section it shows pyroclastic texture. The volcanic rocks in Namoo island are mainly dark grey-bluish dacite with phenocrysts of plagioclase and gradually changed to pink-greyish rhyodacite with auto-brecciated. In the northeastern part of the island, the volcanic rocks occurred as aggromerate with a poorly sorted mixture of blocks, lappili and ash and felsic feeder dike intrude the aggromerate. Major element composition of the volcanic rocks in Namhyeongje island and Namoo island are 73.6~74.4 wt.% and 65.5~68.3 wt.%, respectively. The volcanic rocks in these island are felsic volcanic rocks.
Namoo island;Namhyeongje island;dacite;rhyolitic crystal vitric tuff;agglomerate;feeder dike;
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