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Eyebrow Make-up Type Using an Average rate Sensitivity Image for the Difference of Perceived Sexiness
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  • Journal title : Journal of Fashion Business
  • Volume 19, Issue 5,  2015, pp.34-47
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Fashion Business
  • DOI : 10.12940/jfb.2015.19.5.34
 Title & Authors
Eyebrow Make-up Type Using an Average rate Sensitivity Image for the Difference of Perceived Sexiness
Kim, Jinkyeong; Park, Jeongshin;
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Sexiness is the image of a person who attracts attention regardless of his/her age, and today`s society has created a more positive impression by transforming the image into something others consider even more attractive. Consequently, we begin to take interest in makeup, - a means of portraying a good impression. Eyebrow makeup in particular, being at the center of the determining factor of a good facial image, can be thought of as the makeup that can most effectively transform one`s image. The purpose of this study was to analyze the difference in perceived sexiness depending on the general perception of eyebrow makeup. This study produced an eyebrow stimulus that applied the average rate of change in an image transformation of different eyebrows in order to raise the objective credibility of the sensibility evaluation so it could determine the figure of influence that eyebrows had on facial impressions. The research results showed that the majority of female university students believed that eyebrows were an effective means of expression in changing facial images and attributed a higher mature and sexy image if the average ratio of change was higher. The study, could also identify that a sexy image was perceived when the average rate of change was between 0.39~0.44. In addition, when the gradient of the shape of the viewers` own eyebrows was low, it could be verified that they perceived an image to be sexy from seeing eyebrows with a relatively high gradient.
Perceived sexiness;eyebrow makeup;average rate of change;sexy eyebrows;image;
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