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A Study on the Current Status of Hanbok Brands and Aesthetic Characteristics
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  • Journal title : Journal of Fashion Business
  • Volume 20, Issue 1,  2016, pp.127-141
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Fashion Business
  • DOI : 10.12940/jfb.2016.20.1.127
 Title & Authors
A Study on the Current Status of Hanbok Brands and Aesthetic Characteristics
Bae, Rhythm; Lee, misuk; Kim, EunJung;
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Korea traditional dresses are making news everyday through popular media and a number of exhibitions and fashion shows that have been held as a way to activate the use of the hanbok. This study intends to examine the current status of handbook brands and analyze the aesthetic characteristics of the hanbok. This study defined the terms related with the hanbok and examined the chronological changes in the hanbok through a literature review, an examination of the aesthetic characteristics of Korean traditional clothing, and an analysis of the aesthetic characteristics by dividing currently available hanbok brands in to the traditional hanbok. According to the results of the study, hanbok brands were divided into Traditional Hanbok, Life Hanbok, and New Hanbok. The Traditional Hanbok brands represented traditional beauty, the beauty of formality, symbolic beauty, and the beauty of nature. The Life Hanbok brands represented symbolic beauty, natural beauty, the beauty of blending, and the proportional beauty. The New Hanbok brands represented natural beauty, unproportaional beauty, the beauty of line, and the beauty of moderation. Therefore the New Hanboks gave changes to the traditional clothing and the unique clothing of our nation. Its formative elements coexist according to their characteristics.
Hanbok brands;aesthetic characteristics;Traditional Hanbok;Life Hanbok;New Hanbok;
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버내큘러 디자인 관점에서 본 신한복 스타일,이정호;

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