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Development of NFC Mobile Application for Information on Textile Materials
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  • Journal title : Journal of Fashion Business
  • Volume 20, Issue 1,  2016, pp.142-156
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Fashion Business
  • DOI : 10.12940/jfb.2016.20.1.142
 Title & Authors
Development of NFC Mobile Application for Information on Textile Materials
Park, Sohyun; Kim, Jongjun;
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Convergence of IT devices and fashion is enabling the industry to take fully different approaches in various areas including product planning, fabric selecting, distributing, and marketing. At the same time, it also transforms the definition of clothing itself. Convergence of IT technologies in the realm of fashion and textiles industries can create a powerful synergy through connection digital devices, such as mobile phone. In this context, this study attempts to suggest how IT technology can be efficiently harnessed through the usage of mobile devices in the planning stage of fashion materials, where the initial production plan of a clothing item is mapped out. This study ultimately aims to enhance the effectiveness of databases on fashion material information by using mobile devices to utilize NFC, an RFID technology having as much revolutionary power as Internet - which can be the convergence between IT and fashion across the software dimensions. To pursue this research, data on fashion material information regarding 200 woven fabric specimens were provided by textile companies. The information includes elements such as its composition, weight, width, yarn, density and sales report. These pieces of information were organized into a database. Drawing on this data, Android-based applications that allow smart phones to read off fabric information from NFC tags were developed for this study using two methods. The system works as follows: 1. NFC tag stickers are attached onto the hangers where 200 fabric samples are hanging. 2. The NFC tag stickers are tagged, or read off from a smart phone that support NFC functions. 3. Upon tagging, the Smart phone swiftly displays all information available on its screen - not only the aforementioned six elements, but also the image of the clothing item from the fabric in its finalized product form, and the video of the model wearing the item - for convenient view. The method harbors immense potential for the fashion industry in general, and will also be useful in those fields inside the industry that harness NFC technology.
Woven fabric;Database;NFC;Mobile application;
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패션 비즈니스에서 홀로그램 기술을 이용한 마케팅 활용 방안,정화연;

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