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Headdress Designs appearing in Haute Couture Collection -Focused on 2010 S/S~2015 S/S-
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  • Journal title : Journal of Fashion Business
  • Volume 20, Issue 2,  2016, pp.59-77
  • Publisher : The Korean Society of Fashion Business
  • DOI : 10.12940/jfb.2016.20.2.59
 Title & Authors
Headdress Designs appearing in Haute Couture Collection -Focused on 2010 S/S~2015 S/S-
Choi, Jinyoung; Kim, Jiyoung;
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The purpose of this study is to use data from studies of headdresses which might be helpful for creating new fashion styles. Headdresses in 2010 S/S-2015 S/S Paris haute couture collections were analyzed in the following categories: years, season, brand, type, color, material, and image. The types of headdresses were categorized as hat, hood, decorative or complex types. The hat type was elegant with a modern style, and coexisted with an exaggerated avant garde style. The hood type wrapped around the head with many examples having a distinctive sculpture on top of the knot. The decorative type varied dramatically in form and materials. The complex type was a blend of all the other types with the designer`s individuality being outstanding. The characteristics of headdresses were revealed first, as an enlargement of the materials category, second, as an expression of dramatic forms, and third, as complete coordination of the creative fashion image. The headdresses illustrate the designer`s creativity in producing a variety of images. Henceforth they will be important as fashion items and independent designs in fashion styling.
headdress;haute couture;fashion collection;total coordination;
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