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Standardization Trends for Carbon Nanotubes
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  • Journal title : Carbon letters
  • Volume 10, Issue 1,  2009, pp.1-4
  • Publisher : Korean Carbon Society
  • DOI : 10.5714/CL.2009.10.1.001
 Title & Authors
Standardization Trends for Carbon Nanotubes
Oh, Kyung-Hui;
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In this work, standardization trends related carbon nanotubes and international standardization activities in the ISO/TC229 and IEC/TC113 were introduced. The movement toward development of carbon nanotube standard began in the nanotechnology council under the IEEE in 2005. KATS has also run the carbon nanotube standardization committee to support commercialization of product containing carbon nanotube through standards since 2004. The Korean Standards such as KSD2711, 2712, 2717 were established.
Standardization;Carbon nanotubes;Nanomaterials;ISO/TC229;IEC/TC113;
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