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Sonochemical Synthesis of Closed [5,6]-bridged Aziridino[70]fullerene Derivative and Self-assembled Multilayer Films
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  • Journal title : Carbon letters
  • Volume 10, Issue 4,  2009, pp.325-328
  • Publisher : Korean Carbon Society
  • DOI : 10.5714/CL.2009.10.4.325
 Title & Authors
Sonochemical Synthesis of Closed [5,6]-bridged Aziridino[70]fullerene Derivative and Self-assembled Multilayer Films
Yoon, Shin-Sook; Hwang, Sung-Ho; Hong, Sung-Kyu; Lee, Jeong-Ho; Ko, Weon-Bae;
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This cycloaddition of [70]fullerene with methyl azidoacetate in benzene under ultrasonic irradiated condition afforded the closed [5,6]-bridged aziridino[70]fullerene derivative, which was unusual product of cycloaddition to the 5,6-junction of fullerene. Its structure was determined by FAB-MS, UV-vis, and -NMR spectral data. The closed [5,6]-bridged aziridino[70]fullerene-functionalized gold nanoparticle films were self-assembled using the layer-by-layer method on the reactive of glass slides functionalized with 3-mercaptopropyl trimethoxysilane. The functionalized glass slides were alternately soaked in the solution containing closed the [5,6]-bridged aziridino[70]fullerene and 4-aminothiophenoxide/hexanethiolate-protected gold nanoparticles. The closed [5,6]-bridged aziridino[70]fullerene-functionalized gold nanoparticle films have grown up to 5 layers depending on the immersion time. The self-assembled nanoparticle multilayer films were characterized using UV-vis spectroscopy showed that the surface plasmon band of gold at 527 nm gradually became more evident as successive layers were added to the films.
Cylcoaddition of [70]fullerene;Ultrasonic irradiated condition;Gold nanoparticle;UV-vis spectra;Self-assembly;
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