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Synthesis of thin-multiwalled carbon nanotubes by Fe-Mo/MgO catalyst using sol-gel method
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  • Journal title : Carbon letters
  • Volume 13, Issue 2,  2012, pp.99-108
  • Publisher : Korean Carbon Society
  • DOI : 10.5714/CL.2012.13.2.099
 Title & Authors
Synthesis of thin-multiwalled carbon nanotubes by Fe-Mo/MgO catalyst using sol-gel method
Dubey, Prashant; Choi, Sang-Kyu; Kim, Bawl; Lee, Cheol-Jin;
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The sol-gel technique has been studied to fabricate a homogeneous Fe-Mo/MgO catalyst. Ambient effects (air, Ar, and ) on thermal decomposition of the citrate precursor have been systematically investigated to fabricate an Fe-Mo/MgO catalyst. Severe agglomeration of metal catalyst was observed under thermal decomposition of citrate precursor in air atmosphere. Ar/ atmosphere effectively restricted agglomeration of bimetallic catalyst and formation of highly-dispersed Fe-Mo/MgO catalyst with high specific surface-area due to the formation of Fe-Mo nanoclusters within MgO support. High-quality thin-multiwalled carbon nanotubes (t-MWCNTs) with uniform diameters were achieved on a large scale by catalytic decomposition of methane over Fe-Mo/MgO catalyst prepared under Ar-atmosphere. The produced t-MWCNTs had outer diameters in the range of 4-8 nm (average diameter ~6.6 nm) and wall numbers in the range of 4-7 graphenes. The as-synthesized t-MWCNTs showed product yields over 450% relative to the utilized Fe-Mo/MgO catalyst, and indicated a purity of about 85%.
thermal decomposition;citrate precursor;nanoclusters;thin-multiwalled carbon nanotubes;
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