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Vertically Aligned Carbon Film Synthesized from Magnetically Oriented Polyacetylene using Morphology Retaining Carbonization
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  • Journal title : Carbon letters
  • Volume 13, Issue 4,  2012, pp.226-229
  • Publisher : Korean Carbon Society
  • DOI : 10.5714/CL.2012.13.4.226
 Title & Authors
Vertically Aligned Carbon Film Synthesized from Magnetically Oriented Polyacetylene using Morphology Retaining Carbonization
Goh, Munju; Choi, Yong Mun;
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Polyacetylene (PA) films with vertically aligned fibril morphology were synthesized in homeotropic nematic liquid crystal (N-LC) solvent by using a magnetic field of 5 Tesla as an external perturbation. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) photographs indicated that the lengths of fibrils from the substrate were , depending on polymerization time. Carbonization was carried out using iodine-doped PA film and a morphology-retaining carbonization method. From the SEM results, we confirmed that the vertical morphology of the PA remains unchanged even after carbonization at . The weight loss of the films due to carbonization at is about 20% of the weight of the film before iodine doping. It is expected that vertically aligned carbon might be a precursor for preparing vertical graphite materials, which materials could be useful for electrochemical energy storage and cell electrodes.
carbon;polyacetylene;liquid crystal;iodine;morphology-retaining carbonization;
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