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Preparation and thermal properties of polyethylene-based carbonized fibers
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  • Journal title : Carbon letters
  • Volume 16, Issue 1,  2015, pp.62-66
  • Publisher : Korean Carbon Society
  • DOI : 10.5714/CL.2015.16.1.062
 Title & Authors
Preparation and thermal properties of polyethylene-based carbonized fibers
Kim, Kwan-Woo; Lee, Hye-Min; Kim, Byoung Suhk; Hwang, Seon-Hwan; Kwac, Lee-Ku; An, Kay-Hyeok; Kim, Byung-Joo;
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In this study, carbonized fibers were prepared by using acidically cross-linked LDPE fibers. The surface morphologies of the carbonized fibers were observed by SEM. The effects of cross-linking process temperatures were studied using thermal analyses such as DSC and TGA. The melting and heating enthalpy of the fibers decreased as the cross-linking temperature increased. The cross-linked fibers had a carbonization yield of over 50%. From SEM results the highest yield of carbonized LDPE-based fibers was obtained by cross-linking at a sulfate temperature (). As a result, carbonation yield of the carbonized fibers was found to depend on the functions of the cross-linking ratio of the LDPE precursors.
carbon fiber;sulfuric acid;cross-linking;polyolefin;carbon fiber precursor;
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