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Stagnation of Droplet for Efficient Merging in Microfluidic System
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  • Journal title : Korean Chemical Engineering Research
  • Volume 52, Issue 1,  2014, pp.106-112
  • Publisher : The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • DOI : 10.9713/kcer.2014.52.1.106
 Title & Authors
Stagnation of Droplet for Efficient Merging in Microfluidic System
Jin, Si Hyung; Kim, Jongmin; Jang, Sung-Chan; Noh, Young Moo; Lee, Chang-Soo;
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Here, we demonstrated the optimum design of pillar microstructure for efficient microdroplet merging. The microfluidic device mainly consisted of programmable microvalves and pillar microstructures. Based on the system, aqueous droplets were continuously generated at T-junction using actuating of integrated programmable microvalaves under the immiscible continuous fluid (mineral oil containing 0.5 wt% Span 80). The principle of merging process depended on the competitive correlation of hydraulic pressure of continuous phase and Laplace pressure of the droplet. We found that the design of the micropillars controls above two pressures. Finally, it was demonstrated that the microfluidic system could be able to efficient biochemical reaction. We expect that the microfluidic system is useful analytical or reaction tools in fundamental science, biotechnology, and chemical engineering.
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은 나노입자 전극과 패러데이 모트를 이용한 미세유체 피코리터 주입기의 전압효율 상승,노영무;진시형;정성근;김남영;노창현;이창수;

Korean Chemical Engineering Research, 2015. vol.53. 4, pp.472-477 crossref(new window)
미세유체 장치에서 수거 방법에 따른 펙틴 하이드로겔 입자의 특성 비교,김채연;박기수;강성민;김종민;송영신;이창수;

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