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Electrodeposition for the Fabrication of Copper Interconnection in Semiconductor Devices
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 Title & Authors
Electrodeposition for the Fabrication of Copper Interconnection in Semiconductor Devices
Kim, Myung Jun; Kim, Jae Jeong;
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Cu interconnection in electronic devices is fabricated via damascene process including Cu electrodeposition. In this review, Cu electrodeposition and superfilling for fabricating Cu interconnection are introduced. Superfilling results from the influences of organic additives in the electrolyte for Cu electrodeposition, and this is enabled by the local enhancement of Cu electrodeposition at the bottom of filling feature formed on the wafer through manipulating the surface coverage of organic additives. The dimension of metal interconnection has been constantly reduced to increase the integrity of electronic devices, and the width of interconnection reaches the range of few tens of nanometer. This size reduction raises the issues, which are the deterioration of electrical property and the reliability of Cu interconnection, and the difficulty of Cu superfilling. The various researches on the development of organic additives for the modification of Cu microstructure, the application of pulse and pulse-reverse electrodeposition, Cu-based alloy superfilling for improvement of reliability, and the enhancement of superfilling phenomenon to overcome the current problems are addressed in this review.
Metal Interconnection;Damascene Process;Electrodeposition;Copper;Superfilling;
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중성 영역 구리 화학적 기계적 평탄화 공정에서의 작용기에 따른 부식방지제의 영향성 연구,이상원;김재정;

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