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Electrochemical Characteristics of Hybrid Capacitor using Core-shell Structure of MCMB/Li4Ti5O12 Composite
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 Title & Authors
Electrochemical Characteristics of Hybrid Capacitor using Core-shell Structure of MCMB/Li4Ti5O12 Composite
Ko, Hyoung Shin; Choi, Jeong Eun; Lee, Jong Dae;
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The MCMB- with core-shell structure was prepared by sol-gel process to improve low cycle capability of MCMB in this study. The electrochemical characteristics were investigated for hybrid capacitor using MCMB- as the negative electrode and , Active carbon fiber as the positive electrode. The electrochemical behaviors of hybrid capacitor using organic electrolytes (, EC/DMC/EMC) were characterized by charge/discharge, cyclic voltammetry, cycle and impedance tests. The hybrid capacitor using MCMB- electrodes had better capacitance than MCMB hybrid systems and was able to deliver a specific energy with 67 Wh/kg at a specific power of 781 W/kg.
Meso Carbon Microbeads;;Core-shell Structure;Surface Modification;Hybrid Capacitor;
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CNT를 첨가한 Silicon/Carbon 음극소재의 전기화학적 특성,정민지;박지용;이종대;

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