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The Effect of Reactant Composition on the Synthesis of Resole-Type Phenolic Bead
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 Title & Authors
The Effect of Reactant Composition on the Synthesis of Resole-Type Phenolic Bead
Hahn, Dongseok; Kim, Hongkyeong;
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The effects of reactant composition on the particle size distribution, synthetic yield, and density of Phenol-formaldehyde bead were examined in the synthesis of resol-type phenolic resin. Decrease of the content of DI water as dispersion media can increase the viscosity of suspension, which may cause the difference of particle size distribution and aggregation. The average particle size of synthesized beads was also decreased with the increasing content of stabilizer which can affect the interfacial area. The amount of crosslinking agent showed no effect on the size distribution and synthetic yield, but it made a decrease in the density of synthesized bead due to the macropore in the bead.
Phenolic Bead;Stabilizer;Crosslinking Agent;Size Distribution;
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